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like to take roll. >> commissioner antonini: here >> commissioner hillis: here >> commissioner sugaya: here >> commissioner moore: here. >> commissioner borden: here. >>: item 1, 2013.0029x, at 222 2nd street, request for determination of compliance, request for continuance. we have received late request for continued items 10 a, b & c. for case -- the requested data continuances to february 14. i have no other items. i have no speaker cards for matters propose for continuance. i do have speaker card for items on 1741 powell. >> president fong: public comments on items proposed for continuance. >>: good afternoon president fong, commissioners. we did make this request for continuance as a sponsor of this special district use legislation. very briefly i did want to state that the sud is contingent on the lease negotiations that the mta is conducting with the owner of 1741 powell. the negotiations are going. our requested for a continuance of one week. >> president fong: additional public comment on the two items proposed for continuance? >>: my name is richard hamlin longtime residen
. commissioner president fong. commissioner antonini. >> commissioner wu? commissioner burden, commissioner hillis, moore and sugaya? >> commissioners first on your calendar are items proposed for continuance. i only have one item number 8 under your director's report, the planning commission policy on impinging product implementation is proposed for continuance to february 28, 2013. >> i have no speaker cards. >> did you want to make a comment to that at all? >> yeah, just that we would like a little more time to work on this to talk to some commissioners about this and need a few more weeks to refine that work. >> okay, thank you. is there any public comment on the item, single item proposed for continuance? seeing none, commissioner moore? >> would we be scheduling a discussion item on it so it would have an introduction about the underlying policy or policy changes that we have a little bit more time to think about and including hearing other city departments like the control, anybody weigh in what kind of ramifications it has financially, all questions that are part of a broader discus
been pulled. >>: request from commissioner antonini. >> commissioner antonini: i ask for a recusal from 3110 octavia. my dentist's office is within 500 feet. i ask for recusal. >>: move to recluse commissioner antonini. >>: second. >> commissioner borden: aye >> commissioner moore: aye >> commissioner sugaya: aye >> president wu: aye. >>: so moved. >>: michelle- planning staff. 3110 octavia st., request by at&t to install fiber wire. the mail notice calls it as a northeast corner. the general language has been updated. proposed facility consits up to nine antennas. staff has received no public comment and staff is recommending approval with conditions. i am available for questions. thank you. >>: does -- have a presentation? >>: project sponsor do you have a presentation or should we take public comment? >>: we have a couple of different sites. good morning my name is -- with at&t. director of external affairs. joined by -- who conducted the radio frequency report. the testing and report included in your packet. i am also joined today by town consulting and colling azagerian (sounds
? seeing none public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> i would like to continue items one, two, and three -- well, one and two to the dates specified. three indefinite continuance, and also continue item number 15 to march 21, item 16 to march 7 and item 17 to march 21. >> second. >> i have a question. >> commissioner moore. >> i would like to ask that item 16 be potentially continued out further out and i have questions that i affect that and i left a message with the supervisor's office and i mentioned it to ms. rogers. >> the motion is for one week. we can continue to the seven and if the questions aren't answered we can continue it next week. >> we have a motion and a second. >> that's right. >> shall i call that. >> yes. >> on the items proposed. commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> commissioner borden. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> yes. >> that passes 5-0. next up is the consent calendar. all items are considered to be routine for the planning commission and acted upon a single roll call vote for the commission. there is no separate discussion unless the public or st
is -- >>: in this case it would be the architectural addenda. >> commissioner antonini: i moved to approve, the required action must contain (indiscernible) >>: second. >>: on that motion: >> commissioner antonini: aye >> commissioner borden: aye >> commissioner hillis: aye >> commissioner moore: aye >> commissioner sugaya: aye >> commissioner wu: >> president fong: aye it passes unanimously, 7-0. we do have a member of the entertainment commission here, for item 13, entertainment procedures and processes. >>: whenever you're ready? >>: good afternoon everyone my name is nicholas king, i'm here to give a brief presentation. this is an overview of what-- responsible for, and excessive noise prevention and enforcement. the epidemic commission regulates entertainment and nightlife in san francisco generally. will begin with basic definitions and underpinnings of our permits. i'll get to the handouts and described them. the commission issues many types of permits. today we will focus on -- we will get the conditions of the way to be on the same page. the first amendment of the constitution, its equivale
another [speaker not understood] of the motion. [laughter] >> commissioner antonini and i are on the same page, i think. conversion from nct to nc -- d to t expands that we're following the staff recommendation to expand it through the whole upper market area. and then we're okay with the height change as presented here. and then we're okay with cafe floor's off-site kitchen as presented by the supervisor. >> no, no. >> his legislation is for a temporary permit, which expires after one year. and that's -- >> i'm sorry, commissioner. that's in opposition to -- not opposition. staff is recommending a permanent change. >> that's right. >> but i think commissioner antonini -- >> no. >> [speaker not understood]. >> yeah, the sunset provision is in there. everything else you've stated is in my motion and it would only apply to the properties that were specified, that being cafe fior for the off-site and the gold's gym property for the height increase at this time. >> and we're asking staff to consider expanding off-site food provisions throughout, at least the upper market area and, i don't kno
speakers on this item? okay seeing none public comment is closed and commissioners. commissioner antonini. >> yeah, i just have a question for the project sponsor. maybe you could comment on some of the testimony in regards to the need for this. i do see in your preparation here that there's a huge increase in the service area after the installation, so it looks like you have documented this, but can you tell me a little bit more. >> sure. i can and then i will ask bill hammer to come up here since he conducted the studies before and after, but we do have -- we have a lot of research before we go out that we use to determine where our necessity is, and it's not just about exactly what's in that area, but it's the cell towers work off of each other so if the cell tower at dolores park is full where people admittedly have dropped calls that are testifying today that capacity is full it will draw capacity from other sites where we can move capacity. coverage we can't move but capacity we can move amongst cell antennas so we reached capacity in the other areas. we have a couple that are co
antonini. >> commissioner antonini: if you read the findings from the staff report, it mentions and i was here in 2007 conditions of approval stated that if the bookstore were no longer able to operate initial use authorization would be required for a small self-service restaurant which is where we are today. restaurant legislation ordinance 004712, which actually took things commonly called accessory use and turn them into limited use restaurants. more in compliance through the legislation, that is an issue for the staff to decide. that is where i see the transition occurring. i am in favor of it. >>: commissioner wu. >> commissioner wu: could you address the question of the number of tables in violation? >>: since 2007 there have been three complaints filed, over the course of several years, not back to back. in each of the investigations the complaint was not valid. that is what we have to rely on, the enforcement staff responding to complaints and informing us whether or not this business is in violation or not. there was a limit -- to the number of tables. the one thing that
commissioner antonini and commissioner borden -- if you decided it was no longer fun for you and you wanted to sell your interest, and the management was substantially the same will probably amend the permit administratively. but if you all changed ownership, it is not commissioner sugaya's, they would have to go through the process. >> commissioner antonini: i have questions maybe historical. i was looking at some of the areas. some of the areas where the -- -- and 33 is basically a permitted area. i don't know if something else was there before. also the shopping center at -- the small shopping center is the only thing i could figure would be the principal permitted part for entertainment. looks like around the safeway at fulton and la playa, i can't say the exact location. maybe it is a historical thing. the serious that are residential i am not objecting that entertainment is there but i wonder why. >>: the map is based on the underlining zoning. the shopping centers are located within the ncf district, neighborhood commercial shopping center, far more permissive than the individua
antonini, moved to recuse him? >> second. >> commissioner sugaya? >> yes, i have a question for mr. hillis, in past situations, i've had conflicts because i've worked on portions of environmental impact reports, in that case t city attorney's office ruled that i should recuse myself aon the eir portion but i was eligible and they felt comfortable in my participating and voting on the actual project. in this case, it would -- i don't know, i'm not the attorney, but did you ask whether or not you could participate in the eir portion versus the project portion? because it would seem your conflict relates more to the actual approval of the projects rather than the technicalities and the contents of the environmental impact report. >> we did talk about this, okay, do you want to mention it? >> i mean, if they've already said -- >> yeah, it's one project, the advice was to recuse myself from both. >> alright, thank you. >> we have a motion and a second. >> commissioners, on the motion to recuse commissioner hillis from items 10 and 11a and b. commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> so moved, commissi
is anticipate today arrive late. commissioner antonini? >> present. >> commissioner borden? >> here. >> commissioner hillis? >> here. >> commissioner moore 1234 >> here. >> and commissioner sugaya? >> here. >> commissioners, first up for consideration of items proposed for continuance, item 1, south side between howard and folsom streets; lot 125 and 126 in assessor's block 3735 - mandatory discretionary review, pursuant to planning code section 317 (e), of building permit application no. 2012.11.21.4720, proposing to merge units 1202 (lot 125) and 1203 (lot 126) in an existing 91 unit building within the c-3-o (sd) (downtown commercial, downtown office special development) zoning district and 320-i height and bulk district proposed for continuance to march 21st, 2013. * case no. 2011.0800c, 601 van ness avenue >> is there any public comment on the one item proposed for continuance? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner borden? >> continue item 1 to the date on the calendar. >> second. >> on that motion to continue item 1 to march 21st, commissioner antonini? >> aye.
. >> commissioner antonini? >> well, thank you. yeah, i have mixed feelings on this. i'm also a small business while dentistry and medical services are different from hardware, there are similarities. they could put a dental clinic next to my store and i don't care. they are going to hire people that are not confident and do unnecessary work and under pay them and things like that. people know the difference and they come in and they know the kind of service and care that they get, and eventually they will choose you, but there will be some who will go to the clinic next door, because you know, the price is all that they care about and they end up with disastrous results sometimes because the care is not what it should be. and we are not dealing with anything as serious here. but it is still kind of is the same story. however, i do have a family member who, you know, always, i get criticized for going to a local store and buying a few razor blades and say why don't you wait until i go to costco, you are paying too much for them not that it makes that much difference, not that we can't afford for me
position announcement and recruitment process. >> commissioner antonini? >> yes, thank you, the sub-committee for the commission secretary selection met yesterday, a combination of historic preservation and planning commission representatives, in attendance were commissioners borden and moore and i'll ask for their comments when i'm done giving you an overview of what happened because this is a potential action item for the commission. i had a report from dhr which was led by shawn sher born and it consisted of three different thing, he gave us a timetable as to the selection, he gave us the job announcement which is to be issued tomorrow on the 1st of september which will be a matter of public record when it's issued and then he described the battery management test that candidates will be -- some of the candidates will be asked to complete and there's also going to be a supplemental questionnaire and these were questioned with input from subject matter expert who happens to be our previous secretary linda avery which i think is a good person to have input on these matters. and in
? >> here. >> commission vice president wu? >> here. >> commissioner antonini? >> present. >> commissioner borden? >> here. >> commissioner moore? >> here. >> commissioner sugaya? >> here. >> first up, commissioners, on your calendar, consideration of items proposed for continuance, item 1, case no. 2012.1442c for 795 folsom street, request for conditional use authorization is being proposed for continuance to february 28th, 2013. i have no other items proposed for continuance and i have no speaker cards. >> is there any public comment on the one item proposed for continuance? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? commissioner sugaya. >> move to continue item number 1 to february 28th. >> second. >> on that motion to continue 795 folsom to february 28th, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner borden? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? excuse me, commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> here -- i mean, yes, aye. [laughter] >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to 0
confirm that. >> great, thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> i have some comments and i have a question. ms. hayward, i'll ask the question and do the comment second. there's talk about adding height allowances on a specific parcel, that being the gold's gym or active fitness, whatever it is. and we're also talking about extending that to any other buildings in the district that are not historic. >> that corner per se. >> yes, and i'm in favor of that. but there was some specificity about a particular project at the gold's gym site which would be affordable rental housing. there's no project before us yet, so, our approval is just for this height increase, but we're not obliged to a particular project. it could be whatever the owner of the property would want to build that is -- you know, could obtain conditional use presumably would be what would happen. we're not approving a particular project. that was just what i was clarifying. >> that's right. the project would be put before you separately. >> so, then, my other question is i understand you suggested some things and i'd like to pe
last time. >> commissioner antonini. >> i would say that alternative a is the better alternative. i have sympathy for the property owner who spoke who lives in the area. and there is a pretty intense restaurant use. however, i think alternative a makes the size of the seating area of the restaurant a little bit smaller and leaves a bigger space between the back of the restaurant. so there is actually a little bit more of a buffer. so i would think that would be the better one. as far as the deck is concerned, which would be servicing the castro country club, i think it's a nice outdoor space to have, but i kind of agree with commissioner moore. i think 10:00 is late enough to be out on the deck. even though, the castro country club participants would not be drinking, and they still could be making noise and conversation and talking. especially on weeknights, if you are trying to get to sleep at night, it's probably going to be more of an impact than would be the activities inside the restaurant, which will be enclosed, i understand. so those would be a little more -- the noise
development path that may make that process actually [inaudible]. >> thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. mr. reiskin, while you're up, i just have a couple questions. the first is, again, we're not talking about this now, but a lot of commentary has gone on about future possible north beach station extension to fisherman's wharf. if, when this tunnel is finished and the boring machines are extracted from the pagoda site, the tunnel from the last chinatown station to north beach will be a tunnel that will have walls on it. is that right? i mean, they pour it, but it has concrete to hold the tunnel -- >> correct, commissioner. and that's the reason why we can't back up the machine. as each step of the machine -- the boring moves forward, what comes behind it is the encasing that creates the wall of the tunnel. so, at that point diameter of the tunnel is less than the diameter of the machine. so, that's why it keeps going forward. we'll be building the tunnel out. we won't be installing track and all the systems much beyond the station. they go beyond the station, but not all the
are. that is what i want to avoid. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'm certainly open to suggestion as to toning down the intensity of particular signage with relation to color, although i don't know we necessarily have to be to the point where we're dictating certain colors are not acceptable in certain areas. i would be very happy to see that applied to some commercial and residential areas where some houses are painted color that's that are really eyesores and, you know, unfortunately we can't do much about that and that's even more of an eyesore than a sign that's a little bit too intense a color of blue. but i think this is a good project. as has been pointed out, i'm in favor of putting language in our approval that would allow staff to work with the entity to make sure that the sign is -- intensity of the colors is not overly disturbing to the area. however, i think this is a no-brainer as far as approval. there is only one other financial institution in the area as been pointed out. and often what happened over the years, industrial areas were under served by banks and some
, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> thank you. well, this is an interesting case and i'm just going to give you some of my views on it. it ha been mentioned, an existing formula retail so you're going from one formula retail to another. and they do purport to hire 74 new people or employees who are presumably now not working. so, that is something in their favor. and the other argument in their favor, and i do buy this to some degree, there are people, for one reason or another, who presently live in san francisco and for price reasons or the type of product that this particular organization has, it serves a destination. they'll drive further away because they can get it at a lower rate or they like their particular products. it's almost like you see particular people who will drive to a women's clothing store that doesn't exist in san francisco and they're going to go there because, you know, they like that particular product and there may be one really close to them, but they like the particular product. and it's not like people are going to shop at a local store, you
, public comment is closed. commissioner, antonini? >> thank you, i think that this is a very good project. and i am very supportive. i have only a few concerns. the first has to do with the foliage in the interior courtyard that i think opens to the south and i am not sure of the actual orientation, but we have a lot of wind in san francisco. and this where they are tall it makes it impossible for the people to use that area because they can't sit down there or use the space if it is not a flat area. number two, it is going to attract a lot of newspapers and other flying objects that will fly around and you will have one employee spending most of their time picking the junk off of those things, i think that a flatter type of foliage would be practical and if you are going to have a few taller trees and paik them some of it less apt to catch garbage and also maybe make them month minimal and there will more space and light. because you are trying to capture as much light as you can. the same token, i think that there is a rendering of the space between floors, where you have some planters
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 143 (some duplicates have been removed)